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Are you ready to come play at Litchfield Pickleball?  You'll first need to set up an account through our membership portal.  We use Court Reserve, which is an online platform that makes it easy for you to reserve courts, book a pro, schedule a clinic, and check out all your transactions.  


Simply click the red "JOIN US" button below and you'll be directed to LP's personalized Court Reserve website.  If you are a visitor to Pawleys Island and you do not want to pay for an annual membership, simply sign up for a "Visitor/Non-Member" account.  Once you input your information and set up your payment profile using a credit card, you're ready to come to our facility and enjoy everything we have to offer!  


If you are only making a court reservation, only one person on that court needs an account with us.  The other players can be added as guests and the account owner will be responsible for the $9 guest fees.  You cannot bring a guest to an event, so if more than one person would like to come to an Open Play event or to a clinic, each of those people will need their own account with a separate login and payment profile.  

You can also set up or change your membership tier through the same link.  If you need help or have forgotten your login or password, just call or email us!  We are happy to guide you through the process.  

We have paddles and balls at the courts, so if you didn't bring your preferred paddle to the beach, we have rentals available for $3 each!  

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