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Which paddle is for me?

We have loaner paddles at LP and they are fine for beginners who have never played, but once you learn how to play and find your "pickleball identity," you'll want a paddle to suit your style!  Emily is a Selkirk player and advocate and has a few demos of popular paddles that you can try.  If you order using her unique referral code, you'll receive a Selkirk gift card for later use!  Selkirk paddles are made in the USA and most come with a lifetime warranty unlike many of the cheaply made paddles you can get on Amazon.  Do not waste your time buying a "paddle" from the grocery store or beach store.  Those are NOT pickleball paddles.  Pay attention to brands and talk to us if you have any questions.  Whatever you decide (Selkirk or other), make sure that your paddle is approved by USA Pickleball.  If it is, it will have a sticker or stamp on the face of the paddle.  Without being USA Pickleball-approved, you cannot play in a tournament with that paddle.  Also, an unapproved paddle is not going to a be a quality product!  Please read the article below which outlines some of the best Selkirk paddles and reach out to Emily if you'd like to demo or purchase!

Read the article HERE!

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